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Hello all. Forgive the lack of art these last few weeks - I haven’t been inspired to sketch anything else to add to my To-do list, and then I got caught up job hunting.

This time, however, job hunting paid off, and I was hired at a clothing store in the mall near me - today was my first shift. While I won’t have tons of time to lie around and do nothing, it does mean that I can actually have a reason to get out of bed and out of the house now, so I won’t be cooped up indoors and uninspired. It also means that I can save up for a new computer now, one with more RAM and (more importantly) Windows, so I can use OBS to stream on my Picarto channel. That’s right, I’ll be able to stream again!!

So I’ll probably start vectoring what I have so far in the next few days, in my spare time. I’m still not sure of my schedule - the manager put me to work after I filled out all the paperwork and didn’t get around to that >_> - but once I do know, I’ll work in art times and such.

Thank you all for being patient with me! You’re all awesome!

WhistleFrog Gift (repost)

I’m hoping the scanner didn’t ruin the quality too much, but here is the new version of the long overdue present for whistlefrog's birthday.

I’ve had this sitting in my sketchbook for a week or two now, and was holding out on posting until I had my other ideas ready to go, but…that hasn’t happened yet, so why bother waiting, right?  The Marmaladies need love, too.

Marmaladies (c) WhistleFrog

Head on over, if you like!

Bodil (sketch repost)

The other half of the set of adopts I got from Porcelain-Nightmares on dA (the other being Toril).  Another new illustration on my to-do list.

Bodil (c) Eos

Original design by Porcelain-Nightmares on deviantART (#3B on the sheet)

Toril (sketch re-post)

I fixed up the anatomy on my needle demoness a bit; this will be one of my newest illustrations on my to-do list.

Toril (c) Eos

Original design by Porcelain-Nightmares on deviantART (#3A on the sheet)

Tuva is not Impressed (Resketch)

Repost of a sketch I made quite a while ago now, with improved anatomy I hope.  My demoness, Tuva, totally done with the internet’s shit, sans her wings and with a different hairstyle.

I used my old smartphone and modeled this myself…I think I have freakishly long, skinny hands…it still looks off, for some reason.

Tuva (c) Eos

For the love of everything, please let me be done with corrections for this  OTL

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Thanks for stopping by my blog!  Enjoy your stay!

BelayaLapa Gift

Damn, this took way to long to get to, but well worth it, I hope.

Kappelle is such a babe, though, like holy bollocks.

Kappelle (c) belayalapa


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BelayaLapa Gift WIP 2

Babe alert.

Kappelle (c) belayalapa

kyttnkisaragi Gift

All done!  Sorry for the long wait!

Taeri (c) kyttnxkisaragi


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Kyttn Gift WIP 3

I lost quite a bit of time working on this during the night, mostly because I tried using a gradient on the base colors as well as the shadows (normally I only use base gradients on the eyes, but I’m trying it on the body, as well).  I’m not sure if it’ll make this look more like a soft-cell, which I prefer over normal cell shade art, but I’ve only done her main body so far - much depends on how the face, hair, and horns turn out.

Anyways, Taeri (c) kyttnxkisaragi

Kyttnkisaragi Gift (WIP 2)

Do mine eyes spy Taeri?  You bet your ass they do.

Taeri (c) kyttnxkisaragi

Mmonstar Gift

Finally done!!  Sorry to keep everyone waiting for so long, but there were a lot of details and editing as I was working right up until the end (which was this morning)!

Mmonstar, if you come back to Tumblr and see this, message me about getting the line version.  I’ll have them waiting for you to color, like you asked! <3

Spooky Girl (c) Mmonstar

Onnika (c) Eos


Commissions like this are available!  deviantART  |  Wysp  |  Society6 | Hentai Foundry

I…I can’t handle this.  I can’t handle top-tier artists liking my art

I saw this much earlier today, as I was going to bed at 10 AM, but only just got to this now given that I’ve just woken up.  Yuuki, you’re too good to me!!  <3 <3

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Mmonstar Birthday Gift WIP 4

*keels over* Thank fuck, thank the gods, praise Jesus, the flats are done!!

Spooky Girl (c) Mmonstar

Onnika (c) Eos