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Finished work


PrincessBastet Gift

Bast’s lovely deer girl OC, Hona, in sexy lingerie her creator posted to { her blog } some time ago.  How could I not draw her wearing them?

Hona (c) princessbastet


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PrincessBastet Gift WIP 3

I’m taking my laptop into the shop to have the fans checked out (finally), but wanted to make sure I got in another work session in on this before I did.  The flats are all done, so when everything with my computer is settled, it’s onto shadows and highlighting! :)

Hona (c) princessbastet

WIP Masterpost

I stayed up all night getting these babies set up to start vectoring them. :>  Lots to do!

My laptop might die trying to get Mmonstar’s present done, though….  Skeleton babe game too strong.

Tuva and Antonin Masterpost (all sketch WIPs)

So, as I said last week, here are the sketches I had come up with so far, assuming I got into the Monster Anthology book.  The female you see is Tuva, my demoness OC, and the male is a new OC, her demon lover Antonin.  I had intended to make 7 illustrations, and since I applied to both versions of the book, I had three additonal SFW concepts lined up, for a total of 10.

Even though I didn’t get into the book, I am in no way wasting these sketches, so after I get through my To-Do list of birthday gifts and older OC sketches to vector, I’ll be finishing these.

Tuva and Antonin (c) Eos

Birthday Present: BelayaLapa

Dooooone!!! Thank you for being my music bro and for being a good friend this past year, Lapa!! Have an early happy birthday!

Kappéllé (c) @belayalapa

EDIT Apr 12, 2014:  Edited for her belly marking - I had drawn the marking in while I had the image flipped, but I hadn’t drawn it backwards so it would face the right way when I finished it.


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Birthday Present: WhistleFrog (sketch)

All done!! Time to get my vector on for all these presents that I owe!! :>

Lizhp (c) whistlefrog


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Birthday Present: kyttnxkisaragi (sketch)

All done!! :D. Onto Whistle’s gift!

Taeri (c) kyttnxkisaragi

Birthday Present: kyttnxkisaragi (time lapse capture)

Taeri (c) kyttnxkisaragi

Birthday Present:  Flesh-Odium

I’m so glad to have met you last spring, and that you had an amazing birthday yesterday!  Happy birthday, Flesh!

Lumika (c) flesh-odium-personal


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Birthday Present:  Flesh-Odium (WIP 2)

EDIT:  Last WIP shot before I finish this! :>

Lumika (c) Flesh-Odium

Birthday Presnt:  Flesh-Odium (sketch)

Sorry for the repost; I had major anatomy edits to make.

Lumika (c) flesh-odium-illustration

Dammit, the last time my mother feng shui-ed the living room, she put away her tea set. I was going to use it as reference for Whistle’s present, but I’d have to tear apart the house looking for it. :/

Well, that’ll have to wait for Wednesday when I visit school again - the painting room has a teapot for still life setups, I think.

Birthday Present:  Mmonstar (sketch)

Finished!  Onto more presents! :D

Spooky Girl (c) mmonstar

Onnika (c) Eos

Birthday Present: PrincessBastet (sketch)

As promised this morning, the corrected, finished sketch for Bastet’s present!

The video capture for this was posted this morning, for those who were just waking up and heading out or just going to bed this morning. Have a look, if you like! :)

EDIT 12 Mar:  I further edited the face (I missed mistakes even in the double-check stage), and added her arm floof that I had forgotten the first time.

Hona (c) PrincessBastet

I won’t post the finished sketch for a bit, since I want to wait a while to check it over for mistakes, but here’s me working on Bastet’s birthday present. It starts of with me fixing up the body after vertically flipping it to check the angles and such (I had been working on it for some time before that). I hate how SketchbookPro compresses videos into 2-minute affairs even though I’ve been working for an hour - I have to look up how to change that, if I can.

Two notes:

1. I do not have a lasso tool like you computer sketchers (e.g. Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop, MangaStudio). If I want to move only one aspect of a sketch, like the face or a limb, I have to the copy a layer and erase what I don’t want. You’ll see me doing that, choppy as the playback is, with the face and the arm.

2. Yes, you can see her ribs, but that is part of the sketching process. I make sure to draw the rib cage nicely so I can line up the muscles of the chest, breasts, and the pelvis in relation to the rib cage properly. But Hona is in no way going to be emaciated in the finished illustration. Watching the video over, I see I might need to add a bit more pudge to her, but I’ll decide that after I’ve slept and sobered up. (I’ve been awake since yesterday afternoon, and will be going to bed at mid morning like the night-stalker I am.)

Hona (c) PrincessBastet